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Referral to colposcopy

  1. What is colposcopy
  2. Referral to a colposcopy clinic
  3. Appointment at a colposcopy clinic
  4. CervicalCheck colposcopy services

What is colposcopy

A colposcopy is a simple examination of the cervix that is carried out at a colposcopy clinic based in a hospital out-patient setting. An explanatory leaflet describing Colposcopy is available in the Information resources section.

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Referral to a colposcopy clinic

When a smear test result recommends a referral to colposcopy, CervicalCheck will recommend one of the 15 colposcopy services where the woman will receive an early appointment. The doctor in consultation with the woman can change the referral to a different colposcopy service if desired.

The doctor (GP) will complete a referral form with the woman’s details and send it to the colposcopy service.

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Appointment at a colposcopy clinic

The colposcopy clinic will send details of an appointment to the woman within a few weeks after receiving the referral. CervicalCheck colposcopy services provide appointments within target waiting times to women who are referred. These times range from 2 to 8 weeks, depending upon the outcome of the smear test result.

The referral and appointment are part of the CervicalCheck programme and are free of charge. If there is a reason to change the appointment offered, the colposcopy clinic should be contacted.

If a woman decides to be referred as a private patient using private health insurance, there may be a fee.

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CervicalCheck colposcopy services

The locations of the colposcopy services are shown on the map.

Click on the name of a colposcopy service below to obtain its address and contact details.



AMNCH Tallaght Colposcopy Service
Hospital: Adelaide & Meath and National Children's Hospital (AMNCH)
Contact Details:

Tallaght, Dublin 24
Tel:  01 4142000    01 4144752    01 4143351    01 414310
Fax: 01 4144725

Hospital Website:

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Cork Colposcopy Service
Hospital: St Finbarr's Hospital
Contact Details:

Douglas Road, Cork
Tel: 021 4966555/ 021 4923300

Fax: 021 4923301

Hospital Website:

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Coombe Colposcopy Service
Hospital: Coombe Women & Infant's University Hospital
Contact Details:

Dolphins Barn, Dublin 8

Tel: 01 4085768/01 4085220/ 01 4085471/01 4085510/01 4085759
Fax: 01 4085727

Hospital Website:

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Dundalk/Drogheda Colposcopy Service
Hospital: Louth County Hospital
Contact Details:

North East Regional Colposcopy Unit, Louth Hospital, Dundalk, Co Louth
Tel:  042 9364222
Fax: 042 9389850

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Galway Colposcopy Service
Hospital: University College Hospital Galway
Contact Details:

Newcastle Road, Galway
Tel: 091 544536/091 542831/ 091 544530/ 091 524222
Fax: 091 514021

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Kerry Colposcopy Service
Hospital: Kerry General Hospital
Contact Details:

Tralee, Co Kerry
Tel: 066 7184000/ 066 7184189
Fax: 066 7103108

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Letterkenny Colposcopy Service
Hospital: Letterkenny General Hospital
Contact Details:

Letterkenny, Co Donegal
Tel:  074 9104497 Extension: 4624/2905/2906
Fax: 074 9104689

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Limerick Colposcopy Service
Hospital: Mid West Regional Maternity Hospital
Contact Details:

Ennis Road, Limerick
Tel: 061 483113,/061 483110/ 061 483173/ 061 483111

Fax: 061 483112

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Mayo Colposcopy Service
Hospital: Mayo General Hospital
Contact Details:

Castlebar, Co. Mayo
Tel: 094 9042631
Fax: 094 9042683

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National Maternity Hospital (NMH) Colposcopy Service
Hospital: National Maternity Hospital
Contact Details:

Holles Street, Dublin 2
Tel: 01 6373100/ 01 6373454/ 01 6373484
Fax: 01 6373191

Hospital Website:

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Rotunda Colposcopy Service
Hospital: Rotunda Hospital
Contact Details:

Parnell St, Dublin 1

Main Hospital switchboard:  01 8171700
Colposcopy Unit - for appointments:  01 8176841
Colposcopy Nurse Specialists - for information on colposcopy and treatments:
01 8176844 / 01 8176874 / 01 8172518

Fax: 01 8171733


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Sligo Colposcopy Service
Hospital: Sligo Regional Hospital
Contact Details:


Main Hospital switchboard: 071 9171111

Colposcopy Unit - for appointments: 071 91736818
Colposcopy Nurse Specialists - for information on colposcopy and treatments:
071 9174708 / 071 9136870

Fax: 071 9174709

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South Tipperary Colposcopy Service
Hospital: South Tipperary General Hospital
Contact Details:

St. Joseph’s Hospital, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary
Tel: 052 6177983

Fax: 052 6177011

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Waterford Colposcopy Service
Hospital: Waterford Regional Hospital
Contact Details:

Dunmore Road, Waterford
Tel: 051 842067 / 051 842160 / 051 848000

Fax: 051 848800

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Wexford Colposcopy Service
Hospital: Wexford General Hospital
Contact Details:

Newtown Road, Wexford
Tel: 053 9142233 /053 9153250/ 053 91 53024

Fax: 053 9153078


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