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Change to call/ recall of participants

(18 Jul 2023)

In the past, women became eligible for repeat screening tests at different intervals e.g. 1, 2, or 3 months before the test due date. Following a robust review of the call/recall and repeat test processes in CervicalCheck, these eligibility dates will change from 17 July 2023. This is to align the call/recall processes across all the recall categories which will streamline the eligibility check.

All women will become eligible for their screening test 1 calendar month before the next screening test due date, regardless of whether they are on a 1-year, 3-year or 5-year recall. For example:

Date test taken Recall Eligible from
01/08/2022 12-month 01/07/2023
01/08/2020 3-year 01/07/2023
01/08/2018 5-year 01/07/2023

If tests are taken earlier than these new eligibility dates, the test will be processed but payment will not issue. For 12-month repeats in particular, it is important to leave at least 11 months before repeating the test to allow time for the HPV to clear. Please use the website eligibility checker to ensure that women are eligible. Where reminders are in practice IT systems, these will need to be changed to reflect the new dates. If you have any further questions please contact Please note that screening invitation letters which issued before 17 July 2023 remain valid and women will be eligible to attend for screening when called.

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