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Forms, reference documents and reports

Forms, reference documents and reports for use in the CervicalCheck cervical screening programme.

Forms for GP practices and clinics

Cervical Screening Form (consent form)

Cervical screening form (PDF, 3 pages, 500KB) - this consent form includes an information sheet so that a person can make informed consent

Colposcopy Referral Form

Colposcopy referral form (PDF, 1 page, 308KB) -use this form when making a referral to colposcopy


Hysterectomy data collection form (PDF, 1 page, 200KB) - for women who have had total abdominal hysterectomies and do not need future cervical screening

Cervical Screening Not Advised

Cervical screening not advised (PDF, 1 page, 120KB) - for when a person no longer needs to be called for regular cervical screening

Guidance notes

You can find guidance notes for cervical screening sample takers here.

Reference documents

How to complete the cervical screening form (PDF, 1 page, 190KB) - this form is designed to help those working in primary care for GP’s and Practice nurses

How to complete the cervical screening form STI/GUM (PDF, 1 page, 190KB) - this form is designed to help those working in Genito-Urinary Medicine such as sexual health, HIV and sexually transmitted infections clinics

How to complete the cervical screening form Gynae (PDF, 1 page, 190KB) - this form is designed to help those working in secondary care/ gynaecology outpatient clinics who may be performing cervical screening

How to complete the cervical screening form Oncology (PDF, 1 page, 190KB) - this form is designed to help those working in oncology who may be performing cervical screening

Checklist for cervical screening STI/GUM (PDF, 2 pages, 225KB) - this checklist to help those working in Genito-Urinary Medicine such as sexual health, HIV and sexually transmitted infections clinics when preparing to take a cervical screening test

How to complete the NSS Cervical Screening contractor details and acceptance form

Cervical screening test

Eligibility framework for cervical screening (PDF, 1 page, 150KB) - reference guide for GPs and sample takers to check if a person is eligible for a screening test

HPV Primary Screening Algorithm (PDF, 1 page, 115KB) - description of referral pathways

Desktop guide - information sheet to support doctors and nurses with HPV cervical screening (You will need login details for National Screening Services Resources website to access this document)

Results recommendation guidance

Cervical screening results and recommendation table (PDF, 1 page, 200KB) - describes the management recommendations provided by the pathology laboratory

Cervical screening results and management recommendations guide (PDF, 10 page, 450KB) - comprehensive guide on the management recommendations of a person based on their results.

Cytology Terminology Table (PDF, 1 page, 220KB) - Recommendations for management of person based on their screening test results

Colposcopy algorithms

Sample multilingual CervicalCheck information sheets and screening forms - for participants and healthcare professionals

The links below lead to translations of the sample CervicalCheck Information Sheet and Cervical Screening Form. These documents are to aid you in explaining what cervical screening is to participants where English is not their first language. However, it is important that you use the English screening form when you are submitting the screening sample.

If you would like to suggest a language the forms should be translated into, please email

HPV cervical screening newsletter

CervicalCheck programme reports

Multilingual CervicalCheck information videos - for participants and healthcare professionals

CervicalCheck - HPV cervical screening - English

Rastreio cervical / HPV cervical screening - Portuguese

Badania przesiewowe szyjki / HPV cervical screening - Polish

حص عنق الرحم فحص / HPV cervical screening - Arabic

Testul de evaluare cervicală HPV / HPV cervical screening - Romanian

La Prueba de Detección del VPH en el Cuello Uterino / HPV cervical screening - Spanish

Скрининг шейки матки / HPV cervical screening - Russian

Le frottis cervical de dépistage / HPV cervical screening - French

رویکل اسکر سرویکل / HPV cervical screening - Urdu

HPV gimdos kaklelio patikrinimo testą / HPV cervical screening - Lithuanian

Dzemdes Kakla Skrīnings / HPV cervical screening - Latvian

Cervikálny skríning, na HPV / HPV cervical screening - Slovak

Àlàyé nípa síṣe àyèwò akàn ilé-ọmọ fún kòkòrò HPV / HPV Cervical Screening - Yoruba

Taarifa kuhusu upimaji wa virusi vya HPV kwenye shingo ya uzazi / HPV Cervical Screening - Swahili


Informacija o probiru HPV-a vrata maternice / HPV Cervical Screening - Croatian

Macluumadka Baaritaanka Ilmo- galaynka ee HPV / HPV Cervical Screening - Somali

HPV 宫颈筛查信息 / HPV Cervical Screening - Mandarin

ا بچہ دانے د خولے ٹیسٹ / HPV Cervical Screening in Pashto

সার্ভিকাল ক্যান্সারের স্ক্রিনিং বিষয়ে / HPV Cervical Screening in Bengali


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