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CervicalCheck update 16 December 2021

(16 Dec 2021)

(16 Dec 2021)

We are aware of the intense pressure that the fourth wave of COVID-19 is having on healthcare services in Ireland at present.

General practices and community-based clinics are dealing with unprecedented numbers of calls from the public related to COVID-19 symptoms, tests and vaccines, as well as the day-to-day healthcare needs of their patients. They are balancing this against the health and wellbeing of their staff, many of whom have been personally impacted by COVID-19, with inevitable reductions in staff availability

We are aware that, as a result, GP practices and community clinics may not be able to offer cervical screening appointments, or may be operating at reduced capacity, in the short-term.

We are therefore advising participants who are due a screening test that they may find it difficult to get through to the surgery to make an appointment, or that their sampletaker may not be able to offer an appointment for a number of weeks.

Cervical screening is for well people who do not have symptoms. Anyone who is worried about symptoms at any time is advised to contact their surgery immediately, and request an appointment with their doctor. The doctor will advise you on the best next step. A routine cervical screening test is not an investigation that is carried out when someone has symptoms; it is only for well people who are due their next test based on the date and result of their last one.

If you have no symptoms, there is very minimal risk in waiting a few weeks or months for your next screening test.

Symptoms which require a doctor’s appointment include: bleeding between periods, bleeding after sex, unusual vaginal discharge, persistent lower abdominal pain, bleeding after you have gone through the menopause.

We continue to ask that people do not attend their screening test appointment if they are unwell or self-isolating because they have symptoms of COVID-19. People should not attend either if they are a confirmed close contact of someone who has tested positive for coronavirus.

The safety of our participants and all those involved in their care continues to be our highest priority at this time.

 For further information participants can see or Freephone 1800 45 45 55.


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